Turok Evo


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I bought the PS2 version off Amazon but sent it back as it was rotten. Will save my money for PES 2 and Vice City.


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Played it a bit : persevered past teh crap levels. Got into it some good stuff in there. hit a few levels (flying ones that were impossible) Threw disc at wall screamed pulled out hair cursed games testers.


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I also bought it.......and wished I hadn't :(


If you want a good shooter then go for TIMESPLITTERS 2 and JAMES BOND: NIghtfire

both highly rates and out very soon


Saw Turok:Evo on cybernet last night - wasn't impressed at all.

Timesplitters 2 looked exactly like Golden Eye. done by the same team apparently


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I'm going for Timesplitters2...too.
Turok has some decent stuff in the later levels but I tell you whoever tested this should be shot. There is a flying level where you have to shoot 6 power generators in a cylindrical area with a central tower : very little room to manouvre and there are all sorts of structures jutting out just where its nigh on impossible to avoid them I can shoot one generator then I invariably end up in the wall. Shame as it was actually getting great up till then...sloppy.

i have the x box turok , and have heard the cube version is juat as good , the ps2 version sucks! if you want advice get STARFOX the dino,s are stunning much better than any of the turoks .. ok the gameplay is more sedate, but this is rare,s best looking game ..ever , pity its the one and only gamecube game they are doing!


The mrs. got Starfox last night...

Graphics are amazing, looks like a great game.



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