Turntable to match Q accoustic M20 active speakers


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Hi there, first post.

My GF enjoys my home setup (LCR XTZ mk2 99.25's, BK Monolith, RSFX surrounds and Anthem MRX310 reciever with room correction) for both music and movies. This is far too much budget for her. She now wants a discrete music setup for home, im going to have a look/listen at the Q accoustic M20's which I can link to the TV via optical cable, but i have no knowledge of turntables and she has a loft full of vinyl that she wants to dust off and listen to again. :)

Keeping in mind the minimal GF friendly setup, having a turntable with built in preamp may be best so no need for external boxes/cables. I see there are a few available, but with a budget of £400 maximum, what would you guys recommend we have a listen to please?

My biggest challenge will be seeing ow far from the wall I can get her to place the speakers!


BT Bob

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I'm sure there are others, but the Rega P1 Plus is pretty-much plug 'n' play.
The fitted Carbon cartridge isn't the best, but its very easy to fit an AT VM95E and the performance will increase hugely, with the added benefit that you can fit a better stylus as desire/budget allows.

A touch over budget from the get-go, but you can look to change the cartridge in future.

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