Turntable Phono plug won't fit Amp socket

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Hi , If anyone knows a solution (Or specific part to buy). I have JVC QL-A2 Turtable , and a JVC JA-S22 Amp. The plug and socket are shown in the picture. But essentially the phono plug centre pin from the turnatable is too large for the amp socket. And the turntable has no ground lead to attach to the amp. Any ideas ?? Many thanks. (photo attached)
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The Phono input sockets look as if there is something inserted into the centres. It looks as if some other plugs have been inserted then broken off.
Do the plugs from your turntable fit into any of the other sockets on your amplifier. (not to try and use them but just to test the fit)

A slightly more in focus shot of the phono sockets might yield more info.

If I remember correctly some amplifiers used to come with dummy shorting plugs inserted in the unused sockets. It kind of looks like they are still partly there but with the earth part broken off..
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Yes, looks like you could pull out some centre cylinder from the phono socket on the amp with your fingernails perhaps.

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Thank you both , I have used badly bitten fingernail to extract two metal pegs (photo)
, probably as you say from an old earthing pin , now the plugs fit ! Didn't think of that ... waiting for stylus and will see what it sounds like. Thanks again

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