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I've just been given a Reloop RP4000M turntable, and I was wondering what else i need to be able to use it to play vinyl? So like a preamp, mixer, what speakers etc.



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The Reloop RP4000M is a pretty fair turntable for the considerably low cost -

Reloop RP-4000M Turntable - Turntables - AudioVisual Online - Home Cinema and Hifi Specialists

What cartridge does you model have? Does it even have a Cartridge?

Just so you know, this is what Phono Cartridges look like -

Moving Magnet Cartridges | Magnetic Turntable Cartridges

You will need a PHONO Equalization Pre-Amp. Here is one for about £50 -

Superfi - Project Phono Box MM Turntable Pre-Amplifier

Then you will need some type of Amp and Speakers.

Specifically what you will need is up to your to tell us.

What is your budget?

Are there any size limitations?

How big is the room? (dimensions)

How will the system be used? On a computer desktop? In a lounge? In a bedroom? Music Only? Music and Movies?

And anything else that might help us understand the situation and make recommendations.

The most critical is budget. With out that we are lost when it comes to making recommendations.

Next, Amp and Speaker come in two forms - separate Amp and Speakers, and Amp and Speaker combined into one unit as Active Speakers or Studio Monitors.

Physically, the also come in two forms - Bookshelf or Floorstanding.

I will make a few suggestions, just to give you some perspective.

Denon PMA-520, 45w/ch - £140 -
Superfi - Denon PMA520AE Amplifier

Denon PMA-720, 50w/ch - £170 -
Superfi - Denon PMA720AE Amplifier

Yamaha AS301, 60w/ch, w/ DAC - £200 -

Superfi - Yamaha AS301 Amplifier with DAC

Yamaha AS501, 85w/ch, w/ DAC -£219 -
Superfi - Yamaha AS501 Amplifier with DAC

The Yamaha AS501 is an excellent deal, probably one of the best out there right now.

Yamaha RN500 Network Receiver, 80w/ch, DAC, Streaming - £310 -
Superfi - Yamaha RN500 Networked Receiver

This last item, the Yamaha RN500 has Network Streaming capability so you can Stream music for local storage or from the Internet.

These amps ALL have built-in Phono Pre-Amps, so no need to by an additional external Phono Pre-Amp.

For speakers, there is -

One of the best deals right now is the Monitor Audio BX2 bookshelf for about half-price (£150/pr) -

Monitor Audio BX2

Here is one smaller version, the Monitor Audio BX1 at £120/pr -

Monitor Audio BX1

In a floorstanding -

Tannoy Mercury V4i, 2x6", 32h - £250/pr -

Superfi - Tannoy Mercury V4i Speakers (Pair)

Active speaker would be something like this -

Audioengine A5+ Powered Monitors - £295/pr -

Advanced MP3 Players Audioengine A5+ Active Speaker System (Pair)

These are Amps and Speaker combined, so they would need a Phono Pre-Amp.

That is a cross section to give you a sense of the possibilities.

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It has a Reloop OM Black Cartridge.

I have managed to get a phono pre-amp for free, my dad has a few spare so thats good.

Budget for speakers/amp would be anything up to £300/£350 I guess at the minute, but as suggestions I would like a spectrum of prices from cheap to the higher end if possible.

Size of the room is 8M x 12M.

And the turntable is on a desk, meaning the speakers will have to fit alongside it.

From the suggestions you have given, and from what i've looked at I am more inclined to go with an Active Speaker set up, as i'm getting the pre-amp for free.
Any other suggestions for Active Speakers?

Thanks a lot.

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