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Turntable affecting rest of system??

Discussion in 'Hi-Fi Stereo Systems & Separates' started by daveb975, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. daveb975

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    Oct 25, 2002
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    I have recently added a Project Debut III turntable to my system.

    I am really pleased with the results, but it seems to have affecdted the rest of my system in a couple of ways.

    Firstly, I am getting occasional static 'clicks' on other inputs. The Project has a built in phono stage, and I have it going into the 'Video 2' input of my Sony 1080 amp. The sound from the TT also comes through on my CD and DVD inputs for some reason.

    Is there any way of reducing the static clicks, as it would be quite handy for vinyl replay anyway?

    Secondly, the power supply buzz from my Panasonic plasma screen (PWD6) is now amplified through my speakers whenever both screen and amp are on at the same time. This has only happened since I have had the TT plugged in?

    It is annoying to have to unplug the TT every time I want to watch a film!

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