Turning off TV after casting automatically turned it on? Doh-Fixed-Simple!


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I've had a Sony Smart TV for a few years, and apart from some early VERY poor software updates, and some bug which seems to mean it can get unhappy when things are plugged into a USB socket for some time, its been fine.

I've just plugged in a Chromecast with Google TV which if I'm honest does not offer much more, other than a new front end, which will be faster and more up to date I'm sure, but more importantly gives me voice search now.
This does not really have anything to do with this question, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

Anyhoo...... Onto my question, and I'm sure many many people have the same thing/issue?

So my TV is plugged in, but turned off via remote:
I use my phone with perhaps YouTube and select to CAST to the TV.
The TV turns itself on, and starts showing the content. Isn't modern tech amazing :D

The tiny annoyance is that, when I'm finished casting. I can again us my phone to stop casting, but the TV remains on.
Even looking in the Google Home App where the Sony TV is listed under it's model number there is no TV off function.

So I have to go and pick up the TV Remote (or Google Chromecast/TV remote) and manually press the button to turn the TV off, or rather put it back into it's normal stand-by mode.

Now, I fully accept this is a very 1st world problem ;) but it seems a shame that the 'workflow' to turn TV on and play content is so modern and seamless, and yet to turn it off, we're back to ye-olde school of find remote, point and TV, press button.

Am I missing something here? Some set-up / setting, or whatever which will make this actually work more like you would want to.
Dare I suggest perhaps even that when you stop casting, you'd want the TV to go directly into standby?

Any idea;s/thoughts welcome :)


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Ok ok ok....

I just had to post a follow up as I had a google around, randomly saw something by chance tried it, and it works and it's easier that I could ever have even imagined:

"Hey Google turn off my TV"

And that works perfectly (it also turns off the set of PC speakers I have plugged into the TV and connected via a TP-Link HS100 smart socket) !

As does: "Hey Google turn on my TV" which again turns on my TV and also the totally separate speakers via their smart socket.

I just had to laugh as this works so easy and so well and so unbelievably easy (separate speakers)
that I never even contemplated trying it, as I guess in my mind I had a 'Don't be stupid, that won't ever work" viewpoint.

Amazing :D

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