turning off my Marquee


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I have been turning off my marquee from the wall because it makes too much noise in standby. Is this a good practice? I ask because i hadn't use it for a few weeks and when i turned it on the convergence was off. I needed to re-align the centers mainly. Is the loss of power loosing any information?


Tim in Phoenix

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Your settings are stored in chips needing the 3 volts from the lithium cell on the control board; if the settings dump you lose more than just static convergence.

Switching power off is said not to harm the system.

Mad Mr H

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If noisey in standby then maybe the fans need to be replaced ???

Is it possible in the last 3 weeks that the average temp has changed ???

The machines are sensitive to temp. changes and that can upset the conv. a little.

surrey lad

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Just change the fans in the power supply. It makes a big difference to noise levels in standby mode, mine is now silent (in standby) and only had 50hrs on the clock when I swapped them out, so even new fans are :thumbsdow .

If you want brand new original P/S fans then I have an complete set you can have but IMO would not give you the standby heaven you're looking for.

I used the 3414NGL mounted on the outside. rated at 35.9cfm/ 23dB.
Borrowed the idea from the link below and it works. :D

BTW got mine from RS


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temp change... there is a slight change through the day. The cinema is only floor heated a few hours in the evening, and the temp goes down, i'd say only 2/3 c but it could be more than i realise.

I'd love to change the fans - its just darn too noisey, running and in standby. i just didn't think it was possible without brining it down from the ceiling to do the work. I'll check the links you've provided and research some more.

thanks for all the helpful replies.

Mad Mr H

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I was meaning overall average room temp changes rather than during one day - For instance here a couple of weeks ago we had snow on a couple of days followed by brilliant sunshine for the next (OK good for UK sunshine)

As I did not have the heating on and my cinema room has 2 outside walls the temp dropped and the conv from cold moved a LITTLE, once PJ back to usual running temp all ok again......

Same thing in the hottest summer days - though this year I intend to have my air con serviced in time and fully working :thumbsup: .


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i never attempt a conv adjust before watching a 2 hour stint, to let the crt come to average working temp, that should be everybody's rule....:lesson: :rotfl:

though i have to say as im looking at C4 now, its looking pretty damn good :thumbsup: to the crt proj

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