Turning my A84J on and off using Google voice assistant on my Samsung S10 [PROBLEM SOLVED] ]


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So I got an A84J recently and tried getting it working with Google home. I can open Google home, access the remote and so on, so it seems fully connected. Sometimes it will say "No connection available" but closing the app and reopening it fixes this.
Thing is I'd like to be able to turn my TV on by simply saying "Okay Google, turn TV on" which my phone (Samsung Galaxy S10) will pick up and say that it's turning the TV on, but the TV doesn't respond. It will however bring itself out of standby if I press the voice button in Google home. But Google assistant just does nothing. It won't turn the TV on or off.
It's not a huge issue when I'm indoors as the A84j comes with a (worryingly sensitive) internal mic. Though being able to turn my TV with a voice command on as I'm walking to it from another room or am just outside and getting in would be really useful.
Even more useful would be the ability to turn my TV off, or check if it's on or off when I'm away from home. I checked Google home with WiFi and Bluetooth off and the remote control option is gone but I still get to see the ambient art being played on the TV as a screens aver, so it's still connected via Google home (somewhat) even though I'm connected to the Internet via 4g.

As I said, Google assistant on my phone will respond and say that it's turning the TV on or off. If the TV is on Google assistant will even pop up on the TV saying "Okay, turning the TV off" but the TV won't respond to the command. Is this a settings thing or a "Sit tight and wait for an update which may never come out" type of thing?

Any help would really be appreciated. Its the most expensive TV I've ever bought and I want to get the most out of it. Thanks.

Edit: Figured it out. My phone has a general and college Google account. The phone was defaulted to the College account. Switching to my general account allows me to turn the TV on and off remotely via Google assistant.
For anyone else with this issue you can change accounts in Google assistant. I assume you can also add your other Google account to the TV.
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