Turning a mini projector into an UST projector


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Hello all, I'm new to the projector world and am trying to design something unique. I need to take the Texas Instrument's DLPDLCR2000EVM and turn it into a UST projector in a very short distance (~13 inches). I need to reflect it down at an angle after 5 inches and from there it needs to reach the 16" x 23" rear projection screen in 8 inches. I need to design a lens system that will do this, though I have no experience in the lens making world. I tried using a plano-convex lens with a concave mirror, but the image didn't get as large as I wanted it, and after the reflection it became super distorted.

I was hoping you all could point me in the right direction. I've seen people make home made phone projectors using a double convex lens, though when I do this, the image gets smaller and the throw distance gets further.

I'm not really sure where to go from here.

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