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Hi all,
Recently was given a Samsung 42" Plasma display that came with a DVD/VHS Combo player that is also the tuner for this set (Apparently). I had an installation guy come round to price up wall mounting it and he recommended getting a Samsung tuner as opposed to using the combo player. Is he correct...? My setup does suffer occasionally from lip sync problems.
Any advice would be appreciated.



if you know the model number ?

do you use sky / ntl /freeview?

what imputs are on the samsung

i`m sure if your using the vcr as a tuner your getting the worse picture possible pal/composite.

give us a bit more info and we will try to help more


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Hi jmack,
Yes I am using the VCR unit as a tuner and yes I do have Sky +. It's driving me round the bend at the moment.
Thanks for the reply


go make a cup of coffee

and read


do you have the sky+going into video then to screen?:( :( :(

if you have s-video on samsumg use the s-video output on sky plus, its not a bad picture on s-video.

if it can take a rgb signal over component imput maybe a rgb scart from sky+ to rca/rgb

or maybe a rgb to vga box or rgb to yuv box


check this will work with your plasma first

and lastly chuck the vcr in bin, you have sky+ now;) ;) ;)


RGB to YUV is the best option there, vga will not work due to the synch frequency, but s-video is pretty good for tv, the slightly softer image sometimes helps with less than perfect signals. Jasonjo and I spent hours fiddling a couple of weeks ago, and in the end agreed that for value for money, s-video was unbeatable. £150 for a marginal improvement might not be worth your while.


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Thanks guys,
Not sure I wanna know about you fiddling with Jasonjo but thanks very much for the advice. Do any of you know of a good installation company...?

Thanks again


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Since getting my PWD6 screen and having used a friends RGB2SVID, I have found the best result to be using the RGB2VGA with NTL. This gives the sharpest picture and I am very happy with it :)

As Martin said though, don't forget good old S-Video, it is surprising how good it can be....especially on the VHA30 plasma.

Also, just to clarify..."Not sure I wanna know about you fiddling with Jasonjo but thanks very much for the advice" - I think Martin meant the constant plugging in and out of video cables/converters to try all posibilities - just to keep me happy!!!! :D


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