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Hi guys,

Hard to think of a title for the thread this late on.

This picture was taken on Saturday at a local orchid nursery. They have a waterfall there so I though I would use this as my image for the month.

PP that I did was a crop, and auto levels and auto colour to the image and a resizing.

C&C very much welcome.


The exif has been stripped from the image because I cropped it, so Zone if you can PM me your e-mail I will send you the original.

Exif: Fujifilm Finepix S5600
Focal Length 8mm (which I believe equates to about 50mm in 35mm terms)

Cheers, Jarvis


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It's a nice shot, but I think the camera position has let it down.

The leaves in the foreground are a little distracting. It may have helped if they'd been a little darker, but they also look a touch overexposed.

I think for a shot like this to work, the water has to be central to the image. There just isn't enough to grab you here, and your eyes are left wandering.

To be honest - I'm amazed that you've managed to get a 1 second exposure at F8 on what was clearly a sunny day. Even at ISO 64. This would explain the blown out highlights.

Nice effort though - and worth a revisit when it's a little darker, and we've had some rain to boost the rivers. :thumbsup:


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Thanks Liquid, it was hard becauseIi didnt want to disturb any of the plants that are there. I did have another shot which then showed the water landing in the pool at the bottom, but it had a leaf going across the fall.

Still learning about the whole aperture thing, I had it in shutter priority so I could adjust that, would i need a higher aperture (F8+ or lower F8-??)

Having not done much photography for a while, I seem to have forgotten some thing, hopefully I will remember them all for Gumball on Sunday.


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Yep - bit overexposed unfortunately. You need a smaller aperture (higher f-number e.g. f16 or so) to stop so much light getting to the sensor.

You've got the water blurred nicely though, and I can see what you were trying to do. Make sure you get one into next month's comp!


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Unfortunately F8 is the smallest aperture that the S5600 can go to. Was my first time doing a blurred water picture, so I think I got that how I wanted, was just the shrubry which I didn't want in the photo which got in the way.

Will deffinately attempt to get one in next month, it's my task from now on, as I feel it is the best way to learn.


The exif has been stripped from the image because I cropped it, so Zone if you can PM me your e-mail I will send you the original.

PM sent mate


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I think its a really good shot though, i love the focus on the water actually falling down, well done!


Original received and exifs fine :)

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