TT BigTyp Vx 120 Falling Off

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    After assembling my components and implementing some successful cable management, I decided to ensure that the system posted before I reattached both side panels.

    After posting successfully the Thermaltake became unhinged, unfortunately. Consequently, the top two clips failed causing the cooler to precariously lurch away from the CPU in a lateral movement. As a result, the CPUs thermal protection system very swiftly shutdown the PSU, presumably mitigating any damage caused by overheating.

    I attached the Thermaltake to the best of my abilities in the first instance, as the feebleness of the cooler’s attachment mechanism – some plastic plugs – worried me. Before I nested the motherboard into the case’s chassis I was satisfied that the attachment appeared to be robust, although I wasn’t entirely convinced by Thermaltake’s solution to the problem.

    There was no way of reattaching the cooler with the motherboard screwed into the chassis, unfortunately.

    Anyway, is there any additional attachment mechanism to the one provided by Thermaltake that will ensure that the cooler is firmly secured to the motherboard (IP-35 Pro)?

    And, is it likely that the CPU (Q6600) has been damaged as a result of the cooler’s failure, bearing in mind that only a proportion of the CPU lacked full contact with the cooler at the time it failed, and that the CPU shut the system down almost immediately?


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