Question TT, Arm , Cartridge or Phono stage to improve?

I'm new to Vinyl and turntables, I like the sound of my system but I'm sure I can improve it.
What's the first upgrade? Do i upgrade my Table a Linn Basik, the arm Linn Akito, my cartridge AT95e, my phono stage Pro-ject Phono Box e? I was thinking of a NAIM Stageline to replace the pro-ject but I dont want to be adding where it's not needed


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I think the biggest change will be a cartridge. I had a Linn Axis and put a AT VM95ML on it, for £129 I think it is the best bang for buck cartridge around. Balanced sound, digs out loads of detail and if you believe the reviews it has 3 times he life of a standard elliptical stylus and damage the records less. The SH version is a bit more, may more civilised but maybe not quite as exciting.

The Akita is a pretty good arm but can suffer from sticky bearings so worth checking this out. I guess an Axis would be a step up but this will be incremental compared to the cartridge. The phono stage would again help but small changes again.

What is the rest of the system you are playing this through.


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Just to add, if you are looking at the stageline then unless you already have other Naim kit (amplifier) then getting it to hook up may need custom cables to convert the Din output to RCA plugs plus the power supply (iSupply) is definitely needed to get it working as again works on a Din style plug. Also make sure you get one with a dual output plug this allows for separate power and signal output otherwise the single,output version seems to be powered from the host amplifier.

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