TT and the new catalyst drivers


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I have a Radeon VE with the old drivers
I have noticed a fair amount of grain in the pictures.
Is this because the resolution of my monitor picks up the transferred grain or is it time to update to the catalyst drivers?
What are the pro's and con's??



Tim Cooper

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Grain could be combination of factors, are you sure you are running hardware mode? the quality of dvd's is also critical (there are some [email protected] tranfers out there), what resolution are you running & also the refresh rate.
Upgrade to TT 1.5 with the new catalyst drivers, the image on my setup (PJ) is superb. Be aware though that the new catalyst drivers will only work correctly with TT 1.5, DXVA (hardware) acceleration is not available to the original TT version.


And remember that Grain is often SUPPOSED to be there. It's an inherent film stock component :)


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I understand that there will be grain, after all I work in the industry, but I am not a computer expert and sometimes can't tell if the grain is introduced by the graphics card, i.e. Noise.
I will download the 1.5 version and give it a whirl.
I don't know if I am using hardware mode..that's how basic I am :)



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