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TS410 NAS - 7200 or 5400 drives?


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I have just purchased a Qnap TS410 NAS and intend to purchase 4 x 2TB drives shortly. I shall be using the device for video streaming, backup and possibly remotely mounting storage for my VMWare ESXi server via iSCSI. I have 1 Gbit networking and expect to use RAID 5 on the NAS.

My question is this - Am I likely to gain a performance improvement by using 7200 rpm drives over 5400, or is the additional expense unjustified because of performance limitations/bottlenecks elsewhere?



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if it was mine i would go for the faster drives as a matter of course. if a bottleneck happens elsewhere at least the system is not waiting for the drives


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There are dedicated Av drives on the market and boast faster drive rpm,s So would recommend you defo go 7200rpm. I will be building a very similiar product using HP and will install 10,000 or 15,000rpm drives.....


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5400rpm HDs with 32MB buffer can transfer data faster than any sub £1000 NAS can keep up with.

Gigabit networking at theoretical best is 125MB\s. Real world best is 115 MB\s. That would be using equipment out of your reach.

HD buffer to host is 300MB\s.

Platter to buffer is 135MB\s.

So whilst the limit for a 5400rpm device is 135MB\s it would make no difference to throughput at all in a NAS.

Faster disk speeds are only required for very small files\data - databasing etc.

This is all within context of NAS. Keep the noise\heat\electric cost down and get a 5400rpm as you will never notice the difference.

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