.ts streaming with MCE2005


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Ive installed HDTVPUMP version 1.0.7 from here http://www.dvbportal.de/projects/hdtvpump/

Ive installed TRANSCODE360 version from here

I have installed DIVXcodec 6.3.5 from here

But still cant manage to stream .ts files ok - I get the message 'cannot play video, the file type is not recognised and cannot be played. Either the correct codec (a file that compressses audio or video ) is not installed or the file is corrupt'

Any ideas if I am missing any codecs or something?


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try associating .ts with windows media player


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my computer > tools > folder options:
File Types tab> and then hit "t" and scroll through and see if its regged if not then hit "new" type ts and then choose media player. or just right click the .ts file and choose open with and then make sure wmp is set to "always use this program etc etc "

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chrisc0le said:
try associating .ts with windows media player
or hold down shift while you right click the file, choose "Open with" then select WMP and check the box to always open files of this type with WMP.

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