Trying to use Onkyo 2.1 HT-X22HDX as a standalone subwoofer but no sound


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I have a spare Onkyo HT-X22HDX 2.1 "home cinema system" with an integrated subwoofer. I would like to use it as a standalone sub for a Philips 65OLED935 TV.

The TV has a "Subwoofer pre-out" port, but the Onkyo receiver doesn't have a dedicated subwoofer in port:


After some quick reading online I've tried connecting it via the receiver's stereo Line In inputs, but none of them produce any sound. The receiver also has a Digital In (Co-axial) input which also doesn't produce sound.

I've ensured the settings on the TV and receiver have sub enabled etc. and the receiver produces a bass test tone OK.

Am I doing something wrong, or is it just not possible to use this receiver as a standalone sub?

Joe Fernand

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Have you tried connector a different Source to the Line Input on the Onkyo? Once you have that working you can try connecting the Sub Out from the TV, I assume you have to enable the Sub out within the TV settings too!



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Make sure the speakers (even if you’re not using them) are set to small in the settings on the Onkyo (p39 of the user manual pdf available from the Onkyo website). You could also try increasing the crossover setting to maximum (on the Onkyo) if you’re just connecting the sub out from your tv to one of the line in inputs.

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