Trying to use camcorder as digitisier



I want to use my Panasonic NVGS250 camcorder as a digitiser. Manged to get the video signal from the VHS to the camera. Can't get a "live" signal to imovie on my ibook laptop. I don't want to have to tape on the camcorder and then export it to the laptop. Does anybody know how I can patch the signal straight through? I can do this on a mate's Director's Cut digitiser. I've been told I can do it through the camera.


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Not all cameras do pass through, some do, some don't, I'm afraid I don't know for your particular model. If it won't allow it on the fly, the only way will be to use tape on the DVcam as an intermeadiate step.


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I'm not familiar with the camcorder but I'd be very surprised if this wasn't possible.

On my Sony there's only one AV connection which is normally configured as an output when transferring via firewire.
When digitising this has to be manually switched in the menus to "AV to DV" and incidentally I also found I had to remove the DV cassette as this caused problems with the transfer process. (Tape went into replay!)

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