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I know NTSC is 480 active lines, and PAL (Europe) is 576 active lines. Just for plain ordinary TV in the UK, should I really avoiding 852 x 480 pixel screens (which most seem to be)? Do we end up with some sort of scaling, or do we get cropped top and bottom? And then there's HiDef - where are the 720 line displays? When they say "HiDef ready", so they just mean that some gastly resampler will fudge it? sorry if this is obvious stuff to all of you out there, but I really don't want ti buy into a blind alley with this sort of spend.


this may sound odd, but you will not a find a 720 line TV. E.g. native for a 42" 16:9 is 768. You would assume that there would be a native TV for a widely used resolution, but HD is still too new with no standard.


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To fit PAL video onto a ???x480 panel, it is rescaled (not cropped) and hence, degraded, somewhat.

Upscaling (occurs with PAL where the screen's vertical resolution is > 576) when done well improves, subjectively, the resolution of the image.

??? x 720 screens do exist - typically some direct view LCDs and projectors. But then many other resolutions exists also. And yes - whenever there's a mismatch, some scaling goes on.

HiDef ready means, simply, that the set will handle HiDef signals - not necessarily that you'll see them displayed in their native state.

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