Trying to understand the refresh rates of VR headsets


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So i just unpacked and setup my new HP Reverb G2, and tried it briefly in few of my games, and now comes the boring part and that is optimizing graphical settings for acceptable FPS without loosing all the image quality.

The first thing i've been wondering about, do VR headsets have something like FreeSync to handle the case when GPU is not able to deliver that much frames per second the headset is expecting? What happens, when my headset is set to 90 Hz refresh rate, but the GPU can produce only 80 FPS? Will it tear the image in half?

Second thing is about VSync. I've noticed that no matter how much i lower the details, the FPS indicator stops at 90 and never goes higher, even though the VSync in my game settings is Off. Does that mean the headset enforces VSync for itself and it will always be on?

How do i know when to stop lowering details, because GPU is already keeping up with the 90 Hz, and before i drop to the absolute bottom ugliest graphics?

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