Question Trying to understand my Panamax Surge/Power Conditioner


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I’ve finally started upgrading to some big boy toys, so naturally I fell down the surge protection/power conditioning rabbit hole.
I ended up purchasing a Panamax M5400-PM. I’m on day three, and perhaps I’m confused about the true intent of the voltage regulation properties on this device.
This device shows volts in and volts out. Gauge 2 can also be switched to display an ammeter. Anyways, I’ve noticed 3 things since I’ve had it plugged in:
  1. The ‘volts out’ meter has yet to hit a solid 120v OUT. Isn’t that half the purpose of this deliver a consistent 120v? Or is it simply to deliver consistent voltage, even if it may not be exactly 120v?
  2. The ‘volts in’ meter raaarely changes. I figured living in a townhouse with 10 other units in the row, I might see more fluctuation in that number. I’m no expert on electrical physics and how all this stuff works haha.
  3. If I unplug the Panamax, and plug it back in after 10 seconds, I can get a wildly different reading on the ‘volts in’ meter than I did before. (For example, it’ll read 124v IN. I’ll unplug it, wait, plug it back in, and it’ll read 115v IN). Then, I’ll look a couple minutes later, and it’ll read 124v IN again.
The device seems to work just fine, aside from my questions about the meters. I guess it leads me to wonder if the gauges are providing faulty readings...or if the device is indeed not acting exactly as intended.

I appreciate any input; the realm of power conditioning can be confusing!


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