Question Trying to repair my LG 47LB580V


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So I’m currently having a nightmare with this telly. Moved it from one place to the other (exreamly carefully) and half the display decided to stop working.

So initial thoughts were a connector has come lose, so reseated all the connectors. Didn’t resolve the issue. So ordered another T-Con board. That didn’t resolve the issue. Tried another tcon board. Same thing.

Then I tried a new main board, same issue and finally a new power board. And it’s still exactly the same. There’s literally nothing else I can replace. Has anyone seen an issue like this before?

There is literally nothing behind the screen any more. No menu, nothing appears when plugging in a HDMI lead. I’ve tried playing with the ribbon cables that go to the panel, nothing I do seems to get this working again. Is it ready for the bin?


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