Trying to remember the name of a movie from awhile back


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Hi. I am hoping someone can help me remember the title of what I believe is a movie from the past. I remember watching this as a kid. I remember it being a movie but it could have been a televised play or an off chance it could have been a televised ballet. I watched it sometime in the early 80s, 1983 or before. I am not sure of the production date of the film, though. I think it may have been on Cinemax because I remember watching it multiple times. It was a live action kids film a that featured adults in animal costumes and was about a goat kid who ran away from his ( I think the goat character was male but played by a female actor) goatherd and met several animals including a fox, a wolf and a lobster. There may have also been a bear character. All the animals were played by adults and the goatherd was played by an older kid/young teen. I think it may have been a Russian fairy tale because I think the goat character may have been named Ivan. The fox was called Sister Fox, the wolf was Brother Wolf and I think the lobster was called Captain and wore something like a sailor suit or naval Captain suit and may have had a pocket watch. The show was narrated by an actor with a British accent and I don’t think the actors in the show talked at all. It seems it may have originally been recorded in a different language and dubbed because sometimes you could barely hear another language in the background. I have been having a heck of a time finding this film’ s title. If someone has any ideas, that would be great! Thanks for the help!

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