Trying to pick one... (need help)



First post, need some help....

Im trying to pick an ok, 720p upscaling DVD player,
here is what is at my local store:

Philips - DVP5960

Thomson - DTH255E

Enox - HDPL6800CR

Now who should I choose, and why..?

Also if you know of some other player that I should get in the same price range, I could try to order that online, but please tell me why :)

Best regards Geiri3D.


I tried a Thomson DTH255E from and thought it was OK especially sound quality but as it arrived scratch damaged I returned it. It didn't look a quality build but the extra media slots are good.

Go to and check out its replacement DTH265E looks a better build.

The Philips might be OK as well.

I have bought a Sony NS76 and its a very good all round DVD player albeit without media slots.:thumbsup:


Thanx for the reply, but things like the media slots are not important to me. Im most interrested in 720p upscaling quality, and ok sound output, is that ok on the Thomson - DTH255E or is it better on the Philips - DVP5960 for example?

Also anyone else got any ideas on what I should buy?

Thanx for your help Geiri3D :smashin:

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