Trying to get native res on TH-50PH9


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I have been trying to get native resolution from my htpc using the nvidia advanced control panel tools. I managed to add the resolution and adjust screen to suit postion/size etc but playing back video shows horizontal distortion across bands on the picture. Has anybody had sucess with this method and if so what settings have worked for you.
Alternatively does powerstrip perform any better


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are you using VGA DVi or HDMI input? and do you have the correct apsect selected? make sure you are in 16:9 mode and not Just


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The PH9 is a much trickier proposition than earlier models with regard to native resolution. Although pixel mapping can be achieved without difficulty the panel insists on processing, albeit minimally, with the result of horizontal banding. However, this is only noticeable on test patterns and is not relevant in normal viewing. It is also much more of a problem at 50hz than 60hz.

What timings are you using, and do you have horizontal/vertical dot test patterns to help you?

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