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Jan 13, 2010
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Hello folks

I have posted in various threads and I can't seem to keep up with everything so I thought it would be best to post this thread so I can get my head around things and stop hassling you lovely people!

Basically, I would like a new plasma TV for sometime in March/April at the latest, sized at either 58 or 60 inches. I have my heart set on the Pioneer 600a but I can't seem to locate one anywhere. A deal I made recently fell through due to it being a fraud. I was dissapointed to say the least:(

I have a few questions and if anyone could clear them up, I would really appreciate it, as I feel completely lost as to where to go and what to do about getting a new plasma.

Is there anywhere I can locate a Pioneer 600a or should I forget about it? I have read panasonic are releasing models with Kuro technology soon, Does anyone have a specific month or date when they will be available to purchase? Or what model numbers the 58 or 60 inch screens will be? I am basically looking for a high quality 60 inch plasma that will last me for a few years. Not sure what to do in regards to waiting etc.

Any help would be really appreciated :thumbsup:
LEConcepts website lists them as having 1 6090H (very similar to a 600A) left in stock... Looks like the last of their Kuros if it is true.

As for Panasonic. You will probably be looking at the 58VT25 when they're released in the spring. There will also be a 65" version but no actual 60".

It will be interesting to see how the black level on the cheaper G20 compares to the 3D-ready VT25 as the former may have a less advanced form of black level performance (quoted as "Infinate Black" compared to "Infinate Black Pro" on the VT)

I don't know if the G20 will launch in the UK with sizes above 50" though...
Thank you for the reply mate :smashin:

Will the 58VT25 incorporate some of the kuro technology? Also, The 3-D thing makes it abit more confusing. I don't mind having a 3-D ready TV of course but will the standard 2D be more advanced aswell? I don't want a TV where the 3-D takes away or gets in the way of watching 2D TV to a high standard. I mainly want the TV for watching blu rays and DVDs and SKY HD. Really do want to be blown away with the quality!
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Thank you for the links.

Is the pioneer 600a miles better than the lx6090? I would preferably like to get my hands on a new one. I wish I was in the position to buy a pioneer when they were readily available.
Certainly not miles better. There are threads comparing them. They both use the same panel but apparently the KRP has slightly newer electronics which some believe means it is capable of a superior picture to the LX.

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