Trying to get digital TV from a Panasonic DMR-EX95VEBS connected to a very old Sony



I am no IT expert and no youngster. Have just bought a Panasonic DMR-EX95VEBS and am trying to connect to a very old TV (Sony Trinitron KV-2151). I have plugged the arial into the Panasonic, run a lead to the TV arial socket and then put a scart cable from AV1 on the Panasonic to the TV (there is only one scart fixing on the TV). I have switched the TV to the AV effect but can get no digital pictures. The Panasonic will play both video and DVD on the TV and the five terrestrial channels can still be received by changing the stations to terrestrial. I used to have an old digi box and was able to receive digital through that. Any help to get digital TV through the Panasonic would be appreciated (I believe there is a digi-box within the Panasonic).


Hi Roger, I can't help you I'm afraid, but in a very similar position and so hopefully someone here will be able to help us both :)

I've bought the DMR-EX95VEBS for my Dad. He has a Sony Trinitron KV25F-IU and a Sky+ box. I'm getting the message "no signal" - the DVD-Recorder didn't seem to be able to auto-tune. In the manual it suggests you can turn auto-tune off and tune manually, but I can't find/work out how? I can't even work out how to set the clock manually :rolleyes:
- Does anyone here know how to manually tune in this DVD-Recorder please?

Re: the "no signal" - The TV only has 1 RGB enabled scart socket which is taken up by the Sky+ box, so I plugged the scart from the DVD-Recorder into the other non-RGB Scart - could that be the problem? and if so, is there a way to work around it?

I wondered if Dad's external ariel could be the problem too, but he used to have OnDigital, so I imagined that the internal freeview tuner would get a signal from that ariel, even not a great one, there would be some sort of signal wouldn't there?

Dad's had a TV repair man around today and even he couldn't set it up. He put a VHS video in and it played fine, but then he couldn't eject it, so that's stuck in there now! - He said it's either faulty or just too complicated and that we should take it back and forget about it :(

The sad thing is that I've been looking into which DVD-Recorder would be right for my dad for ages and this seemed like the best one to suit his needs, I've read good reports on these Panasonics and about the ease of set up - etc... So, before I give up, take it back and abandon the idea of having one of these altogether, I thought I'd come to the experts and ask

- does it look like it could be faulty?

- Or is there a work around for a set up like this?

Help :lease:

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