Trying to find genuine high speed HDMI cables....


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Hope someone can help. I am of the impression that you can only get fully certified HDMI cables up to 8 metres - is this correct?

If so could someone please point me in the direction of a company who sells these. Most websites seem to claim that the cables they sell are high speed but how can I be sure?

I ordered these: 8m HDMI Cable - Premium Flat and was under the impression they would be high speed... However instead I was sent the 10m versions as the 8m was out of stock. Unfortunately trying to get a sensible answer out of their customer service is proving somewhat challenging.

If someone can point me in the relevant direction to get these correct cables I would really appreciate it as am keen to order asap.

Thanks in advance and any education on this subject would be appreciated.



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Does the one they have sent you not work then? That is how you test them - they either will work or not work as they are digital. The maximum length for hi-speed certification is 8m but that doesn't mean longer cables will not work, they are just not guaranteed by the certification.


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The standard speed and high speed tests are a suite of tests designed to see if the cable can handle the bandwidth required by various signal formats.

In terms of bandwidth , 1080i @50/60hz ( HDTV signals ) is no different to the most common type of 1080p , which is blu ray at [email protected]

Both of these signals are firmly within the standard speed suite of signals.

The "High Speed for 1080p" line that you hear so often is outdated , and was coined before Blu ray became popular and when the only type of 1080p available was [email protected]/60hz available from some camcorders etc.

Its not true anymore , that phrase is obsolete.

The only commonly available signals requiring High Speed capabilities are [email protected] or 1080p 3D which is [email protected] x 2 ... an image for each eye as it were.

Its also worth remembering that "Officially" carrying that logo only means the cable has completed the high speed test suite and passed , the above two signal types are at the very beginning of that test suite , most of the other 20 or so signal types making up that test suite are possible future formats that dont exist yet in any currently available domestic format.

So , even if the the cable did fail the high speed test , that doesnt mean it wont work with any currently available signal format out there !

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