Trying to find Die Hard 4.0 at a decent price on Blu-ray


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Hi guys, i'm trying to find this title on Blu-ray...

The best i could find was £17.93 @ The Hut. It's is 14.99 @ Gamestation but has been out of stock for weeks! (it was released @ 9.99 which i missed, D'oh!)

If anybody spots this on special or under 14.99 then let me know.



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I managed to pick it up from Blockbuster second hand for £14.99, but you need to be pretty lucky to find one in your nearest store.


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The Blu Ray version is the child friendly PG-13 version. I am sure it is only a matter of time before Fox re-release this with the uncut version that is on the UK 2-disc dvd.


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Keep an eye on the classifieds on these forums, it crops up from time to time

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