Trying to find a camcorder with wifi and PC connectivity


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A club I am a member of wants to upgrade their existing 3 cameras used to procject demonstrations onto a TV. They currently use surveillance cameras which are OK but require a birds nest of wires to allow for remote control as well as power and video signal and do not cope very well with the lighting conditions in our hall.

Ideally what we are hoping to find are camcorders which have a wi-fi capability and allow the camera to be controlled from a PC (focus and zoom as well as start/stop recording), we would still use a single cable for the video connection via an existing switch box. Because we use 3 cameras a tablet/smartphone with an APP is unlikely to be any good as we would need all 3 cameras to be accessible for control in parallel. The reason for the parallel operation is that while one camera is being used the others could be zoomed and refocussed to be ready to be switched to.

Most of those I have found which are still generally available seem only to do this via a tablet/smartphone and hence are unlikely to allow parallel operation.

Can anyone suggest a reasonably priced consumer camera which might suffice?


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One option may be LANC control beloved of Sony. If you can get the cameras, then LANC controllers are still available. As they are wired controllers there would be no interference between units.


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The main point of the upgrade is to get rid of wires and we dont want the older style large camcorders with tapes etc, they have to be mounted up high looking down and heavy older style cameras will not be steady as we dont use a gantry but tripods. The current crop of small cameras which use SD cards would be ideal and none seem to have a remote, even if they did have an IR remote one would operate all 3 cameras which would be of no use.

We did find a JVC GZ-EX315BEK model but it seems it is now being withdrawn as there are very very few left available (I've only found 2 for sale and we need 3). The Canons ans Sonys Ive found seem only to be able to use tablets etc as a remote hence it is unlikely we would be able to operate 3 in parallel..


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I think that Wi-Fi can be specific to a camera but to prove it may be a problem. Do you have a video club near you? It is likely that there will be members with Wi-Fi based cameras to test that theory.
My thinking goes, if you can sit in an Internet café or an area where Wi-Fi is available, you can use your PC and not clash with other users.
Now my connection between my phone and my Panasonic V750 is set up. I just use NFC to connect the two. SO if you can independently set the links up with the three cameras then you will have the independent control you require. I just can't prove my theory.
My camera did provide a Password to key into my PC but are these Passwords randomly generated for each camera or do Panasonic use the same Password for all their units? I don't know.


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I am very familiar with how wifi works and setting up wireless networks is second nature to me.

My problem with tablets etc is that in general they rely on an APP to communicate with a camera and it is not normal to be able to run two copies of an APP together which is what is needed in order to be able to switch between cameras quickly.

Our demos are dynamic and we have a camera operator at the switching station all the time to be able to select the correct camera and zoom for the best view of what is happening.

In most cases with a PC it would be usual to use a web browser to access the cameras and thus you can have several windows of the browser open concurrently allow instantaneous switching. Having a tablet per camera is not a viable way to go because of cost, however a single second user laptop is easily obtainable for the cost of one small tablet plus a wireless access point costs as little as £18.

I am beginning to think that what we want to do with modern consumer equipment is unlikely to be achievable and professional equipment is beyond the price point our club could (or would want to) afford.


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I am glad you are an expert. I use my phone and an App as this is the most convenient for me. My suggestion was that you set up three independent links via either Apps, a router or a PC.

Not everyone has your expertise but we try to help where we can. Perhaps a bit of lateral thinking may solve the problem. If it were me I would try the Apps from three different manufacturers on their cameras rather than use three off the same model of camera.


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Only WL1 / WL2 product have a wireless LANC control of Sony, JVC, Canon, Blackmagic (and ALL lanc suported) camera! With this wireless LANC controller can easily manage the camera on the crane, gimbal, drone ... For example, one person can operate the camera and a producer on a chair across the monitor operates controller!
The advantages of this controller are:

-80 Meter range in open space.
-Since Record 1-5 cameras.
-Fast And easy to use.
-Precize Rocker type zoom (multi speed)
-Reverse Direction zoom
-Reverse Direction of focus
-Focusing With zoom rocker
-Focus far
-Focus near
-Focus car
-Focus push
Iris open
Iris close
Iris push
-record star / stop for main channel or all cameras (two or more receivers WL2)
for more read manuals .......

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