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Trying to decide on a 55" 4k LG tv (or a 1080 OLED)


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Hey everyone, I've been in need of a new TV for a while now but I've been waiting for the dust to settle in regards to hdcp/hdr and what have you. LG's H810v seemed to tick all the check boxes on paper until I came across some info it was using a RGBW panel so I started googling and doing my homework and here I am :) My budget is in the 1600€ range.

I think I've narrowed the choice down to 2016 55UH950V and 2017 55SJ850V. Both appear to be using a true 10 bit RGB panel (UH850 was using 8bit + frc), support several hdr types including dolby vision and have all the bells and whistles one may ask for in this price range. SJ appears to be brighter with 600cd/m whereas the uh is 450cd/m. SJ is also offering wireless surround sync although I'm still not sure if that's propriatery to LG's speakers or not.

uh950 is about 1500€, sj850 is 1600€. Its bigger brother, the sj950 is listed at 1900€ but I'm really not seeing what is justifying that price.

I'm going solely by what's listed at Comparison between: 54.6" LG 55UH850V, 54.6" LG 55UH950V, 54.6" LG 55SJ850V, 54.6" LG 55SJ950V in regards to the specs btw so any input is more than welcome.

Incidentally, 55EG910V and 55EG9A7V OLEDS are also on sale for the same price as the uh950 and sj850. I can't find any differences between them apart from 3d support which is a moot point anyway. Should I get one of those instead? Think they're the 2015 models with webos 2.0. I mean the blacks are infinitely better compared to a lcd but it's missing all the 4k hdr goodness lol and im a bit of a tech nerd too :D

What to get? Thanks!


LGs LCDs may have support for HDR formats but supporting them and having the hardware to display HDR well are two very different things.

Generally, unless you need viewing angles I would avoid LG LCDs if you can as they use IPS type panels with worse contrast and blacks, resulting in worse overall picture quality and screen uniformity.

No doubt the A7 OLED is far, far better value if you can get it that cheap. It may not be UHD or HDR but that doesn't matter unless you explicitly have plans to use UHD/HDR content..which isn't available 99% of the time with broadcast TV right now and has very little content even on online streams/UHD Blu-Ray.

Strange that the 2015 910v is the same price though, since its two years old. But even that would be better than one of their LCDs.

If you want a mixture of both you should look elsewhere at LCDs from brands with higher contrast panels. Now is perhaps the wrong time to buy as new TVs have not long been released and are generally very overpriced compared to 2016 models, yet sometimes the better value reduced 2016 models are becoming hard to find still.

An ideal compromise if you wanted at least decent HDR rather than none at all with LG OLEDs or LCDs you mentioned would be to go for one of the following:

Samsung KS series. (KS7000,7500,8000,9000) - May be very hard to find now.
Sony XD93 - if you don't game.
Sony XE90 - may be overpriced right now as its a 2015 model.
Panasonic DX900/902. - Not sure how availability will be in Croatia.

I also wouldn't worry so much about RGBW unless you plan on viewing close up and using the TV as a computer monitor.
I would also take specifications on displayspeciifications.com with a pinch of salt. They are by no means definitive.


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If its a choice of LG LCD vs LG OLED without 4k and its cheap... LG OLED and just save some money and dont invest in 4k gaming or 4k content for a couple of years. Plenty of life left in blu-ray.


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Thanks for the replies. Samsungs you listed are available as well but the guys at the store were convincing me that the backlight bleed is horrible with them in comparison to LG in a dark setting.

Sony's are available for the same price as the samsungs and lgs. No luck with the Panasonic dx900's, there's a 65" EX610E available in that price bracket which is a dope size but no idea what the tv is like. I'm leaning towards an OLED anyway at this point, even if a full hd.

B7/C7 OLEDS are actually cheaper right now than the B6/C6. I don't get it either, but they're on sale atm for 2400€, last years models are going for 2700€ and are display models at that. Guess they're not keen on selling those.

I'm in love with the C7 but that's waaay over what I was originally thinking for a TV. Sad part is I'm thinking about it haha. Guess the question now is 55EG9A7V or a C7 for an extra 800€. That would have to last me a decade though haha.


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C7 if the 800 euros isn't too much for you.

The only question with going to 4k with a limited budget is its expensive to get 4k content. I feel people don't factor that into the price.

If you don't have an AV Receiver or any good speakers, I'd also reccomend pumping the 800 euros into a good AVR/Subwoofer/centre speaker/front speakers over the upgrade to 4k which u cant take advantage of.


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I do have a decent 5.1 setup so audio is not a concern. As far as content goes, there's netflix, and what's not on netflix is available on dem torrents. Ultra HD blu ray players (and movies) are not on the menu over here. Even the original blu ray never really took off.

I could go for the C7. I just want to be sure it's worth it since I'm not the type to change their living room TV every 3-4 years.


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Locating 4k ultra HD dem torrents isn't really the easiest task and the bandwidth/hard drive space can be a pain. By 4k, I mean proper 4k, not some crappy file with the same bitrate or lower than a 1080p bluray encode. I'm talking 50GB-65GB minimum 4k files. Thats how you get the best out of 4k.

Yeah, for longevity, I would go for the C7 if your sound system is tight. But if its quite crap, I'd personally upgrade my subwoofer or whatever area is poor.

I just don't see value in pumping money into screens if money is an issue and other parts of the home AV are weak as screens offer by far the worst value + most issues.

You can pay £2k for a 5.1 and get a perfect beautiful sound.
You can pay £2k on a gaming rig + HTPC + Ps4 pro + xbox pro and get a phenomenal gaming exp.
You can spend £2k on a TV and get poor uniformity, motion, judder, image retention, banding, highly reflective panel, poor HDR performance etc.

At some point IMO a line has to be drawn into what u feel is value and whats not.


I feel like going for one of the UHD OLEDs will be a bit like taking a Ferrari to the shops if you see what I mean. Just viewing Netflix isn't going to be a great experience. Most HDR stuff on there isn't fantastic and people state they rank UHD streams about equal in pq to FHD Blu-Ray.

So with no means to take full advantage of UHD Blu-Ray stick to FHD and enjoy better quality SD upscaling instead.

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