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Trying to decide between Panasonic E55 and E85

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by davidcotton, Nov 23, 2004.

  1. davidcotton

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    Aug 5, 2003
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    Well as the videos semi knackered and I never watch tapes anymore figured I'd get my self a dvd recorder.

    Now I've narrowed it down to the one of the pannys either the e85 or the 55.

    As far as I cant tell the major difference between the two is just having the harddrive on the 85, is this correct.

    Reason I'm having a hard time choosing is that I just had Sky Plus installed. So I figured I can copy on to sky plus and then just burn on to dvd- the few programs that I'm likely to want to keep (sadly not that many these days:(). So seeing as I have sky plus and am not going to be burning that many (I tend to buy the films on dvd that I want to keep)would the 55 make more sense from a value point of view?

    Also wheres the cheapest place in the uk to order from right now on one if I do go for a 55? I see that RGB Direct do a multi region (which would be a nice bonus, meaning I could junk the other player as well as the vhs and free some more space) at £198.00. Any cheaper around or is that the average price atm? Also which -r would be best to get and where from?

  2. Bosco


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    Dixon were doing a web offer on the E55 of £179 it's not multi-region though but it really depends on how much you need this. I have a post on this site already on where to get the cheepest E85 (from Germany) and it is costing me just €460 inclusive of shipping (that's £320). While I agree that once you have sky+ you will not need the HDD option as much it is more for what if you decide to get a STB instead of sky (usually due to their constant increases in price), anyway for the extra £100 or so I think that I would much rather the E85 but you pays the money and makes the choice.

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