Trying to connect my PC audio to NAD T758v3 receiver


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Hello all,

I recently bought a new pc, which means I get to enjoy 1440p now.

I own a pretty good audio receiver (NAD T758v3) - stereo speaker (Dali Opticon 6) system.

I used to link my GPU on my last 1080p system to my receiver through an HDMI cable, which powered my stereo floorstanding speakers. From the receiver, a HDMI cable to my monitor.

However, upgrading my PC, the receiver doesn't seem to support 1440p (only 1080p and 4K).

I was wondering how I could directly feed my monitor from my GPU's HDMI port, and still use my stereo speakers through my receiver.

Should I use an HDMI splitter? GPU's HDMI port - splitter - HDMI cable to receiver AND HDMI cable directly to monitor? Would that make image quality / refresh rate / latency worse?

Should I use my line-out (3.5mm) port from my motherboard, instead, to connect my PC to my receiver? I've had some trouble in the past with static interference from onboard soundcard. Is it better, then, to use a 3.5mm-to-RCA cable? The receiver shows 2 coaxial input ports. Do I need 3.5mm-to-two male RCA inputs for stereo, or is the extra port just another option, to plug in another source?

See this picture of the back of the receiver. The two coaxial ports on the top left just say 1 and 2, instead of L and R.

Can I use motherboard-to-receiver USB-to-usb input here?

I want the highest quality audio, with the least amount of lag, in stereo, without static interference.

Thank you very much

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