Trying to configure line-in sound with SweetSpot/DScaler


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I have just got a SweetSpot and can't for the life of me configure DScaler to get the sound behaviour I want.

I have an RGB source going into SweetSpot and the sound from the RGB source going into my line-in on my sound card.

I don't want to hear the line-in during normal use of Windows XP so I have ticked "mute" for that in the sound control properties of Windows.

I want the line-in sound to be audible when I start DScaler and select the RGB source to view. I am using DScaler 4.1.9. In its Audio-Mixer setup I have ticked "Use the System's Mixer" and under the "Mixer Line" choice I have chosen line-in for all sweetspot inputs.

When I start DScaler though I still do not hear the line-in sound unless I go to the Windows volume properties and untick "mute" for line-in.

Have I configured this wrong, or am I misunderstanding what DScaler is meant to do with these mixer settings ?

Is there no way to have no line-in sound in Windows until I start DScaler ?



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After struggling some more I have partly solved my own problem...

For those that are just starting out with DScaler and SweetSpot here is what I have gathered about sound config so far...

This is using DScaler 4.1.9

Assume you have your primary S-Video source going into S-Video1 on the SweetSpot and your sound from that source going into "line-in" on your sound card.

Assume you have a second S-Video source going into SweetSpot's S-Video2 and the sound from that going into the "microphone" input on your sound card.

Set your Windows sound properties to have both your "line-in" and "microphone" volumes to an appropriate level ( e.g. half ) but tick "mute" for both these sources ( you will probably also want to have the "PC Speaker" source ticked as "mute" too, but leave your "wave", "MIDI" and "CD Audio" unticked i.e. not muted ) So now when you are working in Windows and not using DScaler you can't hear either of the S-Video sources sound, but you can still play MIDI files, CDs and hear general Windows/apps sound - good.

Now, start DScaler and in the menu choose "Settings/Audio-Mixer Setup"

Tick "Use the System Mixer"

Check that the "Mixer Device" is set to your sound-card that is accepting the two sound inputs in the drop-down.

Tick "Use separate lines for different sound inputs"

Against "S-Video 1" use the drop-down to set it to "line-in"

Against "S-Video 2" use the drop-down to set it to "microphone"

Set the other video sources to have "None" as their sound source

At the bottom untick "Disable the use of the card's hardware mute"

And now comes the really unintuitive bit in DScaler...

"Reset the above mixer lines to original states on exit" needs to be *UNTICKED* ( This sounds like the *complete opposite* of what I want to happen, but there you go, just do it )

Click OK and you will be back to DScaler

Now when you choose to watch S-Video1, DScaler will activate the "line-in" sound and when you switch away from S-Video1 ( or close DScaler altogether ) it will mute the "line-in" source again.

Similarly DScaler will activate the "microphone" source when you switch to S-Video2 and mute it when you stop watching the S-Video2 source.

Note there is still a problem because DScaler's Mixer control only allows you to specify separate sound-in sources for just half of SweetSpot's video input combinations - You can't specify a particular sound-in line for RGB or Composite via either of SweetSpot's two S-Video inputs. Thus if you pick any of these options to feed video to the SweetSpot you can't hear sound!!!

So I can't have sound via RGB at the moment unless I permanently have it unmuted in Windows desktop and playing all the time. Pretty useless!

Can a SweetSpot team member say if this is being worked on, or whether it needs to be reported ?


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Hmmm, that not very good.

I've fixed the issue with the number of inputs and I'll certainly have a look at the reset on exit setting.

Both fixes should be in 4.1.10



David PluggedIn

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Hi Groovyclam
Sorry that you didnt get a faster response - as you may be aware there is a major outage with the internet in the Manchester area so we only have occasional web access (via GPRS) and basic email.
John as ever though is on the case :)


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Should I be using DScaler 4.1.9 now with SweetSpot rather than the supplied 4.1.7p ???

Any idea when 4.1.10 will be out with the Audio-Mixer fixes?


Using 4.1.17 with Sweetspot, still no luck getting it to switch sound with RGB input. Any had success?

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