trying to choose between 2 mobo's help please???

Well they are slightly different the first one has more ide slots for more expansion if needed but the front side bus is slower than the asus one,the asus one also has two ide ports allowing 4 devices rather than 2 on the one ide port on the gigabyte.both have ample ram slots.if your drives are sata rather than ide then both have 4 sata II slots.
I would go for the asus one based on the front side bus as it will allow for more upgradability in the future as i may be wrong but i think you will be able to support the new phenom chips but they wont be able to run at full speed due to no hypertransport 3 support.But still fully supported up to the 6400 X2 which would be nice.
Hope this helps
Plus its quite similar to my board and i have had no complaints of yet.


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ok thanks for the info matey:smashin:

i've already got an asus board in another pc and like you have never had any probs so will go for that one methinks:)



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