Trying to choose a Mini LED or OLED for a bright living room


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Hi everyone!

I'm trying to pick a suitable tv for my new apartment. The viewing condition will be bright I think, due to three south-facing windows in the living room. I mostly just use my TV for streaming(YouTube, Netflix, etc.), occasional 4K HDR content from my computer or NAS, and maybe some casual games from PS4(considering getting a PS5 in the future).

Here is a list of TV I'm potentially interested in buying(I'm located in Sweden, and brands like Vizio is not available here):
1. LG CX The 65-inch model is currently heavily discounted here, and I assume the improvements from C1 are pretty marginal.
2. Panasonic HZ1000 More expensive than LG CX but heard good things regarding the picture quality and motion handling.
3. Sony A85(A8H) More expensive than LG CX, but I'm not sure if the overall image quality is much better than CX. Also, I'm not sure if this year's A8J is significantly better.
4. Philips 865 For this TV, I'm not sure what their selling points are other than the ambient lights(not really important to me).
5. TCL C825 This TV should be a lot brighter than OLED. However, it only has a 100hz panel. Not sure if that'll be a problem for me.
6. Philips 9506 Mini LED being brighter.

LG CX and Panasonic HZ 1000 will both support Dolby Vision IQ. Panasonic also has a Netflix calibrated mode. Mini LED will be brighter, which I think might be more suitable for a living room. However, the OLED has a better contract performance. I like Panasonic, but it is just more expensive, and not sure if the premium can be justified in terms of picture quality.

Any inputs will be appreciated.


Mini LED is a type of backlight that can be used with LCD TVs, its not an entire new display technology like OLED is.

The benefit to miniled itself is marginal, and there are LCD TVs without it that also perform well, if not better. The main drawback when it comes to LCD TV picture quality is not the size of the LEDs themselves, but the size of each zone containing the LEDs.

I think it always helps to try and be as logical as possible when picking out a TV. If you jump in with various models, all using different technology, from different years of release it starts to really complicate matters.

First decide which technology is more suited to your viewing conditions:

For example, based on what you've said, if you use the TV mostly in bright conditions, you may be best sticking with an LCD TV as some of the benefits to OLED are lost in these conditions, at the same time in these conditions, the main drawback to LCD TVs are lessened (light control is not a problem in brighter viewing conditions).

Once you have decided on a display technology, it makes your choice a bit easier.

Right now, since new 2021 models have only just been released its best only to consider an outgoing 2020 model than it is over-paying for a new 2021 model. So TVs like Philips new LCD TVs using Miniled are going to be very overpriced, and not worth the extra. Instead, if you do choose LCD, you are better looking at finding a 2020 model LCD TV like the Sony XH9505 or Samsung Q90T/Q95T.

The TCL 8 series you picked is also a 2020 model, but its really below other TVs in overall performance, doesn't get as bright as even OLED cans and really is only suited to people who intend to use the TV with SDR and not HDR material.

If you feel that OLED is more suited, then there's a comparison of all the 2020-21 models here:

I haven't added any 2021 models yet as they are too expensive.

And here is overall best buys:

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