Trying to be healty? New to this.


Hello everyoane, idk if i'm the right location but i'm gonna post here anyway..

Let's present myself first, i'm a 22 yrs old male from Romania (around 180cm height and 77kg, i think).
I try to become more healthier and put on some muscle (i'm a pretty active person at work, mostly on weekend, working at an Adventure Park [supervisor/alpinst] you know..the ones where u climb on a tree and to things.. with ziplines...

My question are..what should i eat for breakfast.. from my current lifestyle i miss breakfast almost everyday...and sometimes on weekends i miss even the lunch..because of work, you know..
I already bought Impact Whey Protein and i'm thinking on drinking it on weekends instead of breakfast because its easier for me to do so and i don't have time to eat properly
I don't want to go to the gym, i don't have time either for this (to much to travel and i don't have driver license), i'm thinking about running when i have time (usually after work..) maybe..5-6km 2-3 times a week? and some squats,push-ups, planks and thinks like that (idk to much about exercise like this and what it's "healtier" to eat that's why i'm writing here).
If you can give me some tips about what it's better and "come handy" to eat and what do you think about what i read up there.. (also if someone know things about protein shake , if it's ok to drink without eating something before and things like that).
Sorry if my writing it's not that good, it's a second language and i learned it by myself pretty's pretty hard to explain the way i should..

PS: thanks for every reply i get on this post.


I personally try to avoid ultra processed foods as much as possible. Make sure you get plenty of fruit and veg. Avoid convenience meals.
Breakfast: I'll have a bowl of bran flakes as I believe the fibre content is good for you. Certainly helps digestion.

Excercise: Make time. I consider exercise to be money in the bank, in terms of my health. Look after your body. I don't go to the gym, I have a bike turbo trainer set up. Also don't under-estimate the value of walking. Costs nothing.
Also consider doing some kind of stretching exercise, and resistance training like dumbbells or even simple body weight exercises like push ups.


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This is what you should eat for breakfast to acquire muscle and stay healthy:

Early morning: 1 cup water with wheatgrass powder. Sooner or later, 1 cup water with a teaspoon (tsp) of coconut oil, and 1 apple with 1 tsp of peanut butter.

Deal with your wellbeing with a glass loaded with wheatgrass juice. Picture graciousness: Shutterstock

Post-exercise: 1 scoop of whey protein and coconut water.Breakfast: 3 egg whites with a toast and avocado. Furthermore, on the off chance that you are vegan, you can supplant eggs with 100 grams paneer.

For more information please CLICK HERE:
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I'm still waiting for my protein to arrive from UK..
I started running..3km monday and 3km tuesday, my legs hurt.. :))
Today i'm gonna play some football.
I don't have bran flakes here but i tried vitalis musli with fruits, some opinions about this? (i started eating breakfast everyday).
I plan to run again on friday and take a break in weekend because i work from 8 to 19 and i make effort at work.
Still no motivation to do push-ups/planks and squats.. :)) maybe next week but it's going pretty ok i think.


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I would run every other day rather than back to back days. Make sure you stretch probably daily.

For breakfast, oats literally take 2 minutes to prep a few minutes to eat. As mentioned in previous post, try and avoid processed food.

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Eggs are a good breakfast choice if you have time as they are a great source of protein. Plenty of fruit and veg, lean meat such as chicken, oily fish. Avoid anything over processed. Switch to whole grain rice, pasta and bread to increase your fibre.


Drink lots of water through out the day. I normally have a pint of water with each of my meals three times a day. Avoid fried foods, 0% fat Greek yogurt is great for protein and take it with some cereal and fresh blue berry's with are high in anti oxidants.

Avoid processed sugars and too much tea if your watching calories. I usually have black coffee if i'am having a hot drink. At 22 your body should still be burring plenty of Calories by itself.

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