Question Try Samsung S10+ or wait for new iPhone?


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Feb 23, 2019
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Hi! I've currently got an iPhone X, and I know I'm going to replace it this year. The question is: should I try the Samsung S10+, or wait for the "new" iPhone series?

I've used Android before the iPhone X (Nexus 6 and OP3), but the stability and design (both software & hardware) plus detail to animation and overall feel on the iPhone X made me try it out. Its a wonderful phone and I would definitely choose the X again!
I've really never liked Samsung because of the childish and cheap-ish feel, and I previously felt like the software (mainly looks) was really bad. I felt like stock android was already struggling to manage itself (memory, battery, responsiveness & animations, etc). But, that is until now! I feel like the Samsung really made a worthy competitor this time, and I'm kinda keen to try it out to be honest! The simple but cool physical design, good specs, clean software aesthetics and last but not least, the *actually original* front-facing module solution (unlike every other relevant non-apple phone manufacturer) makes me interested!

Anyways, I have a couple of questions:
- How is the software now? Is android still suffering from the memory problems caused by the absolute shit Java JIT scheme? Is that why the S10+ has 8GB of ram :p?
- How is the forecast for the new 2019 iPhone models? Anything exciting, or the same old rebranded?

Please come with arguments for both phones, but please try to keep it objective :^)!
Thanks for reading!
Why would anyone wait for Apple anything? That's the real question!

(I do still have an iPhone 128GB SE purely as a tiny great portable music player for outdoor/gym use - wired).

Must be a long time since you used a premium Android phone. I look after corporate phones at work and in last 5 years we dropped to only using 10% Apple devices, and those are usually people who are tech averse or don't really know a good reason why they stick with Apple other than familiarity (a few for some miss-placed image/kudos reason). Our Australian and many US employees still seem stuck to Apple devices for some reason but most European/Asian employees using Android phones (mostly Samsung).

Being objective, I've used/had just about every Apple/Sony/Samsung/LG phone over last 10 years. My wife still keeps to Apple based on: "don't really know a good reason other than familiarity", can't be bothered to learn a new system.

Couple of important ones I can think of for S10:

  • More tech for your cash (feel your getting more value for money, especially with cheap Chinese Android phones)
  • Plays all important video formats without extra apps with a 6.4" UHD/HDR best in class screen or output to external TV at 4K/60Hz
  • Can now even record 4k/60Hz HDR
  • Can easily attach keyboard/mouse & even external hard drives to use as a PC, even an external screen if needed.
  • Plays all the best Bluetooth audio formats including AptxHD & LDAC
  • Relatively cheap extra microSD memory currently up to 512GB (in addition for upto 1.5TB internal if needed & can afford it)
  • Camera likely better & more capable than the best iPhone
  • Internal apps just as good as iPhone plus just as many other Apps.
  • IMO hardware design & build quality is better than iPhone or at least same (talking high-end Android phones)
  • Best in class wireless fast charging and S10 can now even directly charge the BT earphones if that's something you need.
  • For many interested in audio, still has built-in 3.5mm headphone connector.
Pluses for Apple
  • Always familiar for old-hand IOS users
  • Some people still think they are a status symbol (weird!)
  • Nicely made and still great materials/design
  • Best in class single core performance
  • Customer service/support especially via Apple stores
  • Resale values hold up better (currently)
In last year one of our Directors, a die-hard Apple everything person (phone, pad, watch, TV) and preached Apple got himself an Amazon Echo then wanted to try an S8. After 6 months he "sheepishly" told me had had "seen the light" and now he's total Android (including Samsung Watch and now S9+).
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Wait for an iPhone but get in the mean time a cheap Android One compatible phone.

Well I would say that as I've done that after my X was stolen. I got an Nokia 7.1 for 1/10th of the iPhone X and S10+ price. Popped in a 200Gb card I already had and off I go. None of these horrible skins and bloatware either. Just pure stock Android.

Not bad actually, not bad at al. And with Smoothsync all iCloud stuff (bar photos) is synced as well.
Are you kidding??? Go with galaxy s10 or s10 plus, why you should wait for iPhone? Samsung galaxy is better, iPhone has less and it costs more, they are crazy.
As soon as I see do Android or wait for Apple I know it is perhaps pointless replying as the OP has already made their mind up.
Wait till S10+ is released get one in your hand and see if you like it.

Before making any decision.

Doesn't matter on the tech, the features but if you don't like the phone or skin what's the point.

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