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Hi I am a bit of a novice when it comes to camcorders so can anybody out there help me with these questions:

1) I'm looking to buy a Sony TRV33 soon, other posters recommend it. But how much should I expect to have to spend on battery, cables, tapes etc? As a leisure user

2) Will the TRV33 be rendered obselete when Sony's new HC cams are introduced in April?

3) I have a friend in the US who reckons camcorders are much cheaper over there. He suggested buying it for me and Fed-Exing it to the UK. Are there compatibility issues with US batteries or power supplies?

I've heard that continual use of a USA adaptor can deplete batteries. Is this true? And finally (stay with me) does anyone know what sort of import duty I'd have to pay on a camera imported from the US?

Thanks to anyone who can help!!
Cheers AH
Hi AndyRH and welcome to the forum!

All your questions have been asked recently on here and all the answers should be easily available via a search (button on top right of screen).

1) Tapes, battery, case should cost you around £100. Cheap tapes can be bought from or (but watch the delivery charges!). Cost of battery depends on wheather you go for a Sony or compatable. You will also need a good case to protect it while carrying around as it will not be supplied. What cables do you want? Standard AV & USB cables should be supplied but firewire will not.
2) Probably (as in replaced by an updated model), but they will almost certainly cost a lot more and will only have a few whistles and bells for that. The actual camcorder will have few if any real improvements IMHO.
3) power and batteries will all be fine except for the plug on the end of the power lead. The cam will be NTSC though and in UK we use PAL. This means you will not be able to record to your VCR from it. Most modern TV's should be able to playback an NTSC source ok, but worth checking.
I don't know the cost of import duty, but on top of that you will have to pay VAT on the cost of cam + delivery + duty. With cheap internet sites and a Jessops price match you wont save much on the import I should think. Suggest you have a good search around and do your sums.

Ok you were right, there is pages of topics on this!
Thanks for the tip, will give it a good read.

I'll probably have more questions soon, but for now:

Does anyone know a good USA site/shop selling cheap PAL cams?
I've never tried to buy a PAL camcorder from the USA so don't know of any cheap shops etc, but from other threads others have said that it works out about the same cost or even cheaper to buy off the net from a UK/EU source.


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