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Just got my TRV33 and wondered if any other owners were a bit shocked a the amount of noise the camera generates when theres a tape in? Or is this generally the case with camcorders these days? :confused:



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I can't say that I've particularly noticed much noise.

I'd say my TRV33 is a lot quieter than my previous Hi8 Sony, and about the only noises I hear are the 'bleeps' when operating the touch screen.

Do you mean noise that you hear when operating it, or noise that the on-board mic picks up?

Is the noise actually coming from the camcorder or the tape? It may be that you've got a dodgy tape in there. Have you tried it with a different tape?


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yeah a couple.. i've got it with me today so i'll try another tape.
the noise it makes kinda reminds me of the sound a knackered hard drive makes


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Could be the mike picking up motor noise.

I have had this once I think


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Just seems that its quite audible compared to my mate's PC105. Especially when viewing thru the viewfinder

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