TRV-230 Poor Video Quality

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    I have a Sony TRV-230E connected to a CP via Pinnacle Systems firewire card. The spec of the PC is PIII 866, 512Mb RAM, 2 x 20Gb 7,200 rpm HDD, onboard graphics and sound with Ricoh DVD writer. Software used for editing is Studio 7. The problem is the quality of the output file. When connected to the TV the picture is perfect. As soon as I try to edit it on the PC it becomes heavily pixellised and all vertical lines appear jagged. Is that the camcorder isn't that great. I am thinking of upgrading the PC. Is this a wise idea. Any ideas would be helpful as I'm getting frustrated with this!!
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    I'm only using a AMD Duron [email protected] and that is fine for me at the moment(Upgrading soon though).

    Are you having problems with the video on the preview window in Studio 7 or when you play back on say Windows Media Player(WMP)?

    If you are trying to play your DV video on WMP then you need to ajust the settings to play at full quality. On XP,start WMP and select Tools,Options,Performance,Advanced and move the slider to 'large'.

    Another thing is maybe you are describing the interlace effect you see on the PC when viewing video on a non-interlaced resolution.

    Like this :-


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