Trust Televiewer and Hauppauge dec 2000-t



Galaxycinema asked me to post when I had a chance to play with the televiewer so here's my findings. I've finally received the box and had time to setup and have a play.

The experience has been mixed, but overall positive. The converter refuses to work unless both the RGB Scart and the composite are attached to the TV (it's actually a big old Sony Broadcast monitor), which a) doesn't make sense and b) contradicts the manual - oh well. RGB Scart obviously looks *much* better.

With PC output at 800x600 (which is as low as the laptop I use as a HTPC goes to with the standard card drivers) the quality of windows is poor, but you could use it for casual browsing, email and so on, but prolonged use would be draining. However for selecting tracks and creating playlists in winamp and general HTPC tasks, especially if you used a custom interface like mainlobby or even showshifter it's great.

For output of recordings, I'm far more impressed. Recording digital terrestrial (freeview - buffy is on at the moment) it's great. I'm using the Hauppauge dec 2000-t USB adapter. It's far better than video and more than good enough for my uses. Downloaded video from the internet (nothing dodgy, I assure you) looks great too. Not as accurate as my DVD player (Pioneer dv-444). As I only intended this for playback of recorded and downloaded media I don't have a DVD attached to the PC, so I can't compare that source.

All I need now is recording software that works with the dec 2000, I've had no joy with showshifter and the hauppage software doesn't seem to do timed recordings.

Anyway, I've brought another little bit of technological fun to the household. Very pleased.
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