trunking size for wires in wall?


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Just been down to B&Q and the only electrical trunking they had seems to be far to narrow. Will i have to use plumbing tube trunking?

How big is the connector on the power cable? Is it like one that plugs into a kettle and pc?

How long is the power cable that is supplied?



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Check computer trunking suppliers - there are separate channels for the high-voltage cables and the low-voltage ones, therefore eliminating any interference.

Something like global direct or so.



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I had a look at there stuff, but it was all for laying on floors, none for in walls. Any more companies to try?


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I'd ignore the high street retailers - dig out your Yellow pages and look up 'Electrical Supplies Wholesale'; most of these guys operate over the counter sales.

As per PVR get a two part trunking and get something that enables you to pull an assembled cable/connector - rather than having to pull cables and then attach connectors.

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I got my Trunking from B&Q, I used the rectangle plastic Trunking with click-on top cover (Very Cheap).

I used THREE trunking tubes, one had the SCART to BNC lead and VGA cable, the other has mains cable and the 3rd is a spare.

The idea was too keep the signal and mains cables apart.

I used the 3rd trucking tube for spare connections and added a piece of string.
Hey, and I used it the other week! I added the centre speaker cable down the spare trucking tube.

The good thing about the plastic trucking is that the cables slide in the truncking, so when I mounted the plasma on the wall I could pull the cables from the bottom of the wall.

I brought a new Mains cable as my other cables are 3 Metres long.
The one that came with the Panny D4 was only about 1.5-2.0 Metres which was too small.

My wall is made of 3/4 inch plasterboard with a air gap of 3/4 then breeze block, so using a jig saw I cut a 4 inch wide hole at a 45 degree angle down the wall from the plasma to a dummy wall socket. The girlfriend thought I had got MAD !!! Tip cover everything up with dust sheets before you begin and get someone to suckup the dust with a vacuum cleaner or you will get 1/2inch of dust and lots of ear bashing...

Also I have added a mains Belling Lee filter box between the main plug and the wall socket, that will stop any mains spikes that kill Switch Mode Power Supplies like the ones fitted in the Plasma units.

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