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Joe Pineapples

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The trunking is to be place along side the existing skirting board (hopefully blending with it a little), and needs to be able to contain the following along one of its lengths

QED Qudos speaker cable x 5
single sub phono cable
satellite cable
aerial cable
IXOS scart cable

Quite a lot there, but there must be somewhere that sells something to hold that lot - only place i can think of is the likes of B&Q - does anyone know anywhere else?



Mike Swannick

I recently had to thread a 10m RGB cable through a 40mm (1.5") waste pipe which had a 90' bend 'made more gentle' by using 2 45' elbows with a short space between them.

What a nightmare:eek:

The straight bits were fine, but.....

As the distance gets longer the friction increases....

The plugs snagged at the 'gentle' bend.....

When I wanted to pull the drawing cord at one end, I needed to be at the other to feed the cable through....

Fortunately the joints were still exposed and I was able to dismantle them to assist in the threading, then I had a S-Video cable to go along the same route:rolleyes:

It made me says words like 'flip' & 'bother' alot...

Speaker wire, Sat & Ariel cable will thread with little problems, I expect, if you can terminate them AFTER threading other wise use the widest bore conduit you can stand/afford. I hope this helps you in avoiding what i went through.


you could remove the skirting board totally and replace it with dado/skirting trunking

Joe Pineapples

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wish i could m8, but the decoratings just been done (bad timing) - skirting boards painted, new wall paper etc - doh!



I managed to pick some very good trunking up in homebase of all places.

About 45mm*45mm on the resting sides and triangular in shape. The long side of the triangle slides on and off and once painted looks quite neat and tidy running along the walls in question just butted and screwed to the skirting. No idea what it’s called or what it is designed for however. I just saw it and though ‘Hey that might work!’.
They did do a bigger size that would hold all the cables you need with ease.

It is not a good suggestion if you have things flush to the wall however but then most trunking causes these sorts of problems.

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