True Justice - Season 2: Blood Alley Blu-ray Review

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They figured out a way to make Seagal thin! Squash the image!

Wow, I really never thought it would get to this stage but the big guy has been particularly... erm... big recently, so much so that it appears the producers on his TV show True Justice have decided that, rather than ask the guy to lose some weight – or get in shape – they’ll just squash the image to make him look thinner. Funnily enough it actually works. Well, for all of about six seconds, and then you wonder: “What’s wrong with this picture?” A few seconds later and you realise: “Ah, they squashed it”. Then, upon realising that it doesn’t happen in every scene, you might ask: “Is it a mistake?” A few minutes later and it will dawn on you – there’s one common denominator to every single scene which has been horizontally...

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