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True HD?



I've heard that the Infocus screenplay 4805 isn't "true hd" because it has a resolution of 800x600, however it says it can support up a 1080i signal. Will the projector truly display 1080i or any hd signal? This is confusing for me, if someone could explain it would help me alot.


It just means that it will support the incoming signal and then scale it down to match the native resolution, hth.


The 4805 is 854 x 480 res as it uses a 16:9 chip. However inzaman is perfectly right with the fact that the projector will support the incoming signal and scale is down.


It wouldn't be considerably worse but you wouldn't be getting the benifits of true HD TV. However things you have to way up:

You are looking at about 5 years to have HD on digital terestrial TV.
Sky are looking to have HD TV within the next 2 years although some channels will be bringing this sooner.
Are you looking at HD gaming?
And lastly are you looking to source HD DVD's which are few and far between.

I personally am not to bothered about HD TV just yet but will look to make the purchase in a few years when it will be more of a standard.


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Actually, there is very little "True HD" kit available at the moment. In terms of projectors I have yet to see anything available with 1080 line resolution (widescreen). Most are 720 lines, which means that a 1080i or 1080p picture would have to be scaled anyway.

The only TV I've seen that you can actually buy (not talking about ones still in development/pre-release) is the Sharp 42" Aquos. The Sharp is a true HD TV, just a shame that it costs 6k :thumbsdow

Anyways my point is, there's probably no reason to worry about HD for a while yet....the difference between 570 line PAL and a 720 line TV won't be as big as when it jumps to 1080 line proper!


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Even scaled down, a HD signal through the 4805 will still look better than a DVD does and a DVD looks superb on the 4805. So don't worry too much yet about the 4805 being a true HD projector. As DaveC says, there is hardly any 'true' 1080 projectors around and if there are , they would be in the £20k range. HD comes in two guises anyway, 720p ( progressive) and 1080i (interlaced) so which ever projector you choose, it will have to scale one of these resolutions to match it's own so what is a true HD projector anyway ?

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