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True HD sound


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was just reading on Blue ray and HD DVD and their huge storage capacity ,and came accross the term True HD sound, and was wondering what does it mean is it sound without compression (that will be great!), which Amp can handle it and how many speakers do we need this time to hear the full effects. is it going to be Analogue again or digital
I guess with us AVholics we have to fork out a few Grand every couple of years to keep ourselves happy


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Dolby True HD and DTD-HD are both likely to be adopted as the high-definition multi-channel audio formats for HD-DVD and Blu-ray. Neither can be carried using existing interfaces - HDMI V1.3 will be required, but that spec hasn't even been agreed and released, yet, so it's some way off. So, no amps that will support either on the horizon, and little prospect of getting any upgrade for existing products.



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Oh, come on, they have to come up with something to make you change all your AV gear at least once every five years, don't they ? :)

I'm not sure my 50+ year old ears would notice the "missing bits" :smashin:


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Nick_UK said:
Oh, come on, they have to come up with something to make you change all your AV gear at least once every five years, don't they ? :)

Trouble is I'm one of those suckers who usually does :rolleyes: :)


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Don't forget that they (the new HD audio formats) can be decoded on-board the player and output via the 6/8 channel analogue outputs.

Also, HDMI v1.1 can carry 8 channels of high-def uncompressed PCM, so theoretically, the player can decode and push that down the HDMI interface. I'm not sure if any current receivers can take it but DVD-A is just 6 channel 96kHz/24-bit PCM and several receivers will accept that thru HDMI.



says i link could carry it, would denon link work(if denon make a blu ray player with d link)

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