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Drew F

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Ok people after some advice please :hiya:
I am a truck driver and have been for 23 years never had a nav and never wanted one until now. Because of the years i have done my knowledge of the roads is good anyway so i doubt i would use it in what i would of thought is the conventional way most people do. I.E punch in post code and listen and watch it.

What i am after is how i use the one in the wife's Audi which is put in code then zoom right out so i can see the map in large scale. I then do the route which i think is best and i then zoom in and still follow the map when i am closer if need be.

For this i need one that can zoom out on a large scale, the one in the Audi goes right out to something stupid like 350 miles per centimetre. Not that i want that but i would want to be able to zoom out and get say the whole of the M25 on the screen.

I don't need Europe just UK,would like incident reports to pop up,camera warning would be nice and i want the biggest screen i can get. Also to be able to remove it easily for when i get out high theft areas plus to be able to plug it in for power. I doubt it will ever leave the vehicle though.

I am not sure if i am asking to much :facepalm: Don't mind paying sensible money not after all this for £100, i have been looking about and it's a minefield out there plus i can never find info on the zooming out bit.


Drew F

Standard Member
Been down to Halfords and had a play with a garmin Nuvi 1490T .

5" screen seemed like a decent bit of kit :smashin::thumbsdow

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