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I would love to know if anybody has a dvd player that can actually handle true dolby hd or the new formats. if they have can they distinguish between true dolby hd and dolby digital?
I would love to know if there is a difference that the human ear can distinguish.I know the technicalitys like speed and all that other mumbo jumbo is diffrent but can we tell by listening.


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atm there is precious little TrueHD material around...its all Dolby Digital

also the current players can only output 2 channel according to specs, altho someone did say they have been told the multichannel output can do 6 channel i'm not sure which is

but the difference is basically like going from CD to DVD-A/ other words, unless your speakers are of a reasonable quality and likewise your amplification, its probably not going to be the most massive difference in quality....altho once they get down to it, discrete 8 channel sound will be fun...hehe :)

edit: by the way, to be honest this question belongs in the HD-DVD/BluRay section or in General AV chat, unless you want to discuss amplifiers as you include them i'll leave it here, if not i'll move it to the right forum where more people are likely to comment :)

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True HD is really excellent and should be where we set out sites for improved performance in the future.
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