Troubleshooting Sony XBR-X900H and Denon AVR-X2600H


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First off, sorry for this being my first post. Spent a bit of time lurking/searching looking for a resolution for my issues.

In September we upgraded our old TV and receiver to a Sony 900H and a Denon 2600 (The Klipsch speakers are a HUGE upgrade too).

Setup everything initially using the HDMI cables from the old TV. Setup the eARC between the TV and the receiver and everything worked great. However, over the past month it's been giving me a fit.

Before the problem arrived; if we were watching our cable/sat input and pressed the "Home" button on the TV to stream Netflix, the audio input would automatically switch on the Denon receiver to "TV Audio" and the display would say "DSur".

However, now... doing the same action, the receiver no longer switches to TV audio. The TV is now on Netflix and the receiver stays on the cable/sat audio.

Another issue or symptom is that occasionally when using TV audio, the audio signal will change from "DSur" to "Stereo TV" with a flashing "PCM" and "DIG" icon. It will do this for about 10-30 seconds and then switch back to "DSur" and the audio resume.

I've contacted SONY tech support who suggested rebooting my TV, Denon's suggestion was a factory reset. Neither did anything to resolve the problem. I replaced all of my HDMI cables to ensure there wasn't a cable causing the problem - same problem.

I've gone as far as to use an optical cable to connect the TV to the receiver to keep the audio from cutting out, however this is just a bandaid as I would prefer to use the eARC long term.

Really hope someone here has a suggestion for a fix. Sony and Denon are pointing fingers at each other and neither wants to repair what is "properly working equipment" in their opinion, as I can't isolate who's problem it really is. With equipment just under 5 months old, I'm VERY frustrated at this point.


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mmh I got the same setup as you. I never come across this problem. when you goto hdmi 3 which one do you use ? the one labeled as av amp or the one labeled as hdmi 3? On my tv there are 2 hdmi 3 input I can choose. Wonder if you need to choose the one labed as av receiver ?


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When selecting the inputs via hdmi3 it gives me the option of my other devices; Apple TV, game system, satellite, etc. when I select one it changes the receiver to that device. I figured that’s just the CEC control in action.

edit to add.....
Every time I try to call Denon, they are closed. Their email support takes 4-8 days to respond. It’s getting pretty annoying that I can’t get support from them beyond reboot and reset.


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Made an account just to chime in and say I also have this same problem with my sony x900h and denon s750h.
A few times, like right now, mine doesn't reset on its own after 30 seconds, just keeps flashing pcm dig. I suspect you're using hdmi 3 for eArc? Have you tried using a different port?
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After more troubleshooting and working with Denon, I’m leaning towards the TV being the problem.

I am using HDMI3 as it’s the only arc port. If I use a different hdmi port with an optical cable for audio out, it doesn’t cut out (currently).

I’ve noticed CEC controls are sporadic at best lately from the tv. From the receiver they are fine. This is really making me suspect a tv issue, I even tried another hdmi cable without luck.

will probably bring a tv from a different room (wall mount, will be a pain) to test with. Wish I could actually talk to someone at Sony for help. Their online chat support is worthless.


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Finally got Sony on the phone. After an hour of changing settings and getting transferred they told me it is a known problem and they are waiting on a firmware update with no ETA.

Got transferred to “customer relations” because I was annoyed they couldn’t give a timeline. Was told that while I have a warranty, they won’t send a tech out or replace the TV because it’s a firmware issue. Still couldn’t give me any eta whatsoever. Guess they feel that because they are working on it, it’s good enough for the consumer.

After I got off the phone, I disabled CEC on my AppleTV and satellite box. So far I’ve been testing it for about 5 hours without the audio cutting out - which is an improvement.

Not all of my issues are fixed by this, but it’s better than nothing


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Update: got a notification that a firmware update was released 2/22/2021. Didn’t get the update prompt on my tv, so I did the USB update.

initial impression after testing is that CEC is working properly; now switching the receiver to ARC source when using smart tv functions.

few hours into testing, I haven’t had an audio cutout yet. It’ll take a few days before I fully trust it.

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